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Our Family Farm

was established in 1988, but our love of Rockies began in 2001.  What began as a hobby has grown into a lifestyle here at eMDee Mountain Horses.  The pages here display what this heritage breed has brought to our lives.

Rocky Mountain Horses

were going to be a way for us to share trail riding together, but Judy fell in love with showing and Michael got interested in breeding. Our plan for two grew to over twenty including our stallion, a herd of brood mares, and horses we show and trail ride, mostly just here at home.  We love this breed for its versatility, temperament, beauty, smooth ride... heck, we love everything about this breed.


When we visited Kentucky in search of Rocky Mountain Horses, we also found talented trainers and new friends at every farm we visited and we learned about so many ways to enjoy these smooth gaited horses. We enjoy trail riding these wonderful horses, but it is hard to say what we enjoy most. We had been to the Kentucky Horse Park in the past as tourists, but never dreamed that someday we would show our own Rockies there or that we would own Conformation and Under Saddle Grand Champions some day.

Grand Champion Legendary Lady

Michael has focused on our breeding program and is proud to show off “his babies“ in-hand in the show ring. The bay above is eMDee's Silk Flashback, three time RMHA International Conformation Grand Champion and offspring of our stallion. He is just one of Michael's Grand Champions.
Judy has competed in the show arena for over 15 years in many different disciplines. The black mare is Legendary Lady, who has taken Judy to the winner's circle in  Saddleseat and Western Divisions against both Amateur and Professional Riders. They have won some of the highest show ring honors awarded in the Rocky Mountain Horse breed and represented the breed at Expos and Demonstrations for the past ten years. 


Regal, gentle stallions standing in fields with calm mares and their curious foals won us over to this breed. Foals exhibiting the 4 beat gait of the Rocky Mountain Horse,at just a few days of age, proving once and for all that they are “born with it.” Our breeding program focuses on the oldest Rocky Mountain blood lines, strong Rocky Mountain type, excellent conformation, and the willing temperament which first brought us to the breed but we only breed a couple of mares each year. 

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