Horses Sold


We are a small farm and we only have the time to keep a small herd of horses.

  We ride and breed horses because we enjoy them. We wish we could keep every foal, but we know that isn't realistic. Because we handle the foals daily, we develop close horse-to-human relationships early in their lives. We believe it makes them more likely to develop similar relationships with their new owners.

  It does make it harder, though, for us to let them go.

The older horses we own are rarely for sale. We purchased them with the intention of keeping them for the rest of their lives. Things change and we may someday sell one of the older horses, "everything has a price" Michael likes to say. You will find that the horses we have sold were our finest.

  We enjoyed them while we had them and hope their new owners will enjoy them as well.



eMDee's Silk Sensation (at 3 days old)

2006 RMHA Int'l Weanling Reserve Champion

Dam: Fair Silk
Sire:  L.A. Bud


to Ashley and Heather Leslie and Jennifer Bush
 and Sassy




(Ace of Diamonds) (at 5 weeks old)

Dam:  LS Stop the Music
    Sire:  Ace of Spades

Congratulations to Kelvin Robbins

and Diamond.



eMDee's Play Freebird (at 4 yrs. old)

Dam: VBF's Thunderstruck
   Sire: Venture's Black Fury

Congratulations to Ruthie "Pinkie" Wilson

and Kenya
"WOO-HOO...what a ride"



eMDee's Rhythm N Blues

Dam: Choco Dock's Candy
Sire: Venture's Black Fury

Congratulations to Cara Marino
and Phoenix

"... a total joy..."

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