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Another Great Year?

We started off our year by entering Fury in a Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy race. Chris and Fury were the only gaited team to make it to the finals and Fury was the only stallion in the competition. They attracted a lot of attention for Rocky Mountain Horses in Central IL and, although they didn't win, we had a great time. The Race was held at the Illinois Horse Fair. We put Fury on Stallion Row with Freebird (one of his blonde sons) standing next to him. Freebird was a sponge, soaking up all the attention. His new owner, Ruthie Wilson, took him home at the end of the Fair to become her new trail riding partner in the Shawnee National Forest of Southern IL. Lady and I tried out for the ACTHA's America's Favorite Trail Horse Competition and made it to the finals in TX. Michael and I headed to TX in May, with Lady, to participate in the filming (yes, during the drought), adding another "once in a lifetime" experience to Lady's resume. It was another great chance to promote Rocky Mountain Horses, this time in an all breed trail horse competition. 3 Rocky Mountain Horses were there to show how versatile and trustworthy this breed can be on the trail...we didn't win the popularity contest (like American Idol) but we had a blast. Misty May gave us another beautiful Fury daughter in mid-summer, our entire foal crop this year. Chris and Stacie handled our show horses again this year and did a beautiful job of presenting our horses. We wrapped up the year at the UMH World Show, where Flash won the Open Conformation Grand Championship and then moved on to the RMHA International where he became the Reserve Grand Champion in Open Conformation, not bad for a 3 yr. old. Not a bad day for his sire either, Fury and two of his offspring finished in the top 5 at the RMHA International in that Grand Championship class (with another following closely in 7th place). All in all, another "very good" year!


What a year! Chris and Stacie of Cool Shade handled all our horses in training again this year and we are grateful to them for all the work they did with our young horses. Early spring found me preparing for World Equestrian Game breed demonstration tryouts....and we made it. Lady and I were so honored to help represent the Rocky Mountain Horse western style to the world. Since we were working so hard to prepare, we decided to head back to the RMHA International to try to pick up those other 2 Grand Championships (you know, the ones we dropped out of in 2007).....and we did it. No other horse has ever achieved an Amateur, Amateur Owned and Trained, Western, and Open Grand Championship title. Lady is amazing. Then, we headed to the Ky Horse Park for the WEG. This was another "once in a lifetime" experience that we will never forget (it was a vacation for Michael and I together, something we don't get to do very often). We had a great time and met so many people interested in horses. We only had 1 foal this year, but Misty May outdid herself when she gave us a beautiful chocolate filly by Fury. It was so much fun to watch them in the front pasture this year. We brought home a friend for Dreamer to socialize her to another horse and they have been fun to work with over the last few months. We spent a lot of time on the trails here at home again this year. We ride there just for fun, but that is also where we do all of our conditioning for showing. No rail work here at home....we don't even have a rail!!!  LOL Hills, valleys, creek crossings, wide open prairie, deer, turkey, and our faithful trail dog all contribute to our Mountain Horse experience here at home.


Another great year, but I say that every year!  Well, it is true.  Too many mountain horse blessings to count them all.  In March, for our very first time, we got to see a foaling from beginning to end.  What a miracle!  In May, our grandchildren took their very first turns up on Lady with me (with their helmets on).  Another blessing thanks to a gentle mountain horse.  Chris and Stacie Tipton of Cool Shade Mountain Horses handled our horses for us this year.  We had a great show season at UMH, RMHA, and KMSHA shows.  All the details of these mountain horse blessings are on our In Kentucky  and At Home In Illinois pages.  I took Fury to a Racking Horse show and Lady to mountain horse classes in a Saddlebred show and had 2 great times.  I got the thrill of personally handling a yearling colt, Flash, in an open conformation Grand Championship and having the judges consider him repeatedly before placing him as Reserve.  Michael said they were hoping he would turn 2, so they could place him 1st.  What a rush, all the sweeter because he is by Fury and because he was such a young gentleman in the ring.  We did most of our trail riding at home this year.  Michael has created trails through our woods and it is very nice to not have to haul to anywhere to ride.  We enjoy wandering around on horseback for hours without a care in the world.  That is what a real mountain horse blessing is.

Foals and ribbons and trails, oh my!  It sounds like the Land of Oz, where wishes are horses and we get to ride. We haven't stopped enjoying them since the day we first found them and they have led us to places we couldn't go without them.


2008, a great year.  We started our year by welcoming a beautiful grand-daughter, Addison Renee, to bring our total to 3.  Anna and Owen are 3 and they sure make holidays more fun.  We foaled 2 Fury sons in Illinois and enjoyed emails from many other breeders welcoming Fury's offspring around the US and, even, in Australia.  Fury's foals continue to prove him as a producer of conformation and temperament.  We enjoyed trail riding here in Illinois, as often as the weather allowed.  It was very wet for most of the year, making for more mud and more weeds to mow than we had ever seen before.  Our show horses were at Van Bert Farms this show season, Fury and Spice with Chris Tipton and Freebird, Diva, and Misty May with Stacie Tipton, What a year it was.  Many blue ribbons and many exciting moments.  Check out our In Kentucky  and At Home In Illinois pages for all the details.  Fury finished the season as the 2008 Rea Swan Award Winner (only the second stallion ever to achieve that) and Spice became the 2008 Junior Robinson Award Winner (as a 2 year old).  Our 2009 show hopefuls are back in Kentucky and we are looking forward to another great year.  Hope to see you on the rail or on the trail.  


2007, what a year.  We were blessed with beautiful, healthy foals in the spring, and had our first experience with body clipping and training babies in hand for show.  Fury's breeding calendar was full, with breedings from Pennsylvania to Washington and two mares headed for Australia.  Fury's first babies were in the show ring, they did their Daddy proud (Seems strange to think of him as a "Daddy".)  Michael started trail riding with me here at home and joined me, for the first time, trail riding in Tennessee and Kentucky (and has plans to go back).  This year we were lucky to have Fury with HT Derickson, Misty May with ST Tipton, Spice with Chris Tipton, and Freebird with Stacie Tipton.  While every horse didn't see the blue at every show this year, great progress was made in each horse's training and in my experience with each horse.  I focused here at home on getting Lady back in shape for the International, after foaling.  I aimed for the Amateur Owned and Trained classes, but ended up putting her in other classes "since we were there".  BOY, am I glad Michael talked me into that!  I got the "ride of my life", when we surprised ourselves by winning at the International.  I'm still pinching myself to be sure it's real.

(The second chapter of Lady's story is on our "Bragging" page.)




2006 was a very good year.  Fury's first year on the show circuit was a tremendous success, check out his record on "Our Stallion" page.  Thanks to trainer, Derrick Tipton.  He told me this stallion was gonna be some thin', and he was right.  Lady, to our great joy, finished her professional show career by winning the Sam Tuttle award at the 2006 RMHA International.  We are grateful to Erin Lawson for all her work with Lady.  Misty May proved to be our biggest challenge, but I do love a challenge.  Thanks to the leadership of our devoted trainer, Chris Tipton, we captured the reserve UMH High Point Award in the Amateur Park division.  Our first foal carrying our own farm name made it to the show ring, making us very proud.   Sugar and Spice with Chris Tipton brought home the UMH Breeders' Cup Weanling Fillies Division Trophy and placed Reserve in the RMHA Intn'l Weanling Fillies Division.  Floyd, Hurricane Warning, and I campaigned throughout the show season and managed Reserve High Point honors in the UMH Amateur Owned and Trained Trail Pleasure division.


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