At eMDee Mountain Horses, we believe that the mare's contribution to a foal's genetics is as important as the stallion's contribution.  In addition, the mare's disposition may be the most important influence on the foal's behavior from birth to weaning.  With this in mind, our brood mares have been carefully chosen for their blood lines, disposition and abilities. 

We have a small herd of mares, many have proven themselves to be champions in the show ring and all are delights in the pasture.  We have selected these brood mares for their diverse genetic backgrounds.  Whether breeding for show or trail horses, we want to preserve the traditional mountain horse characteristics that make them a pleasure to be around.

When we learned about the Rocky Mountain Horse, we were told they were "easy keepers".  Our brood mares have taught us that they prefer being at pasture, rather than in a barn.  They only take cover in a "walk-in" on the coldest, wettest winter days and the hottest summer days.  We provide mineral blocks year round, but only feed anything other than hay or grass in the last 3 months of pregnancy and until weaning the foals.  Foaling occurs at pasture, except in the worst weather.

  We are amazed at what "easy keeper" really means.

  Our mares form close bonds with each other, babysitting each others foals and grooming each other regularly.  Foals learn herd rules early, under the close watch of their mothers and babysitters.  I have been told "the best horseman is the one you find at the fence with his foot propped on the bottom board, just watching the horses interact with each other".  Michael must be a great horseman, because that is where he most likes to be, watching brood mares and babies doing nothing other than being horses.


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Choco Docks Candy (Candy)

2002 RMHA Florida State Grand Champion

Dam to:  FairWinds Cinder Ella, 2005 filly 

eMDee's Sugar and Spice, 2006 filly (below)

eMDee's Godiva, 2007 filly

eMDee's Rhythm and Blues, 2009 colt

eMDee's Candy Crush. 2013 colt

Candy's color and presence make her a stand out in the pasture.  At 14.3 she isn't very big, but under saddle she turned heads because of her big way of going.  An unknown injury cut her show career short but she has gone on to prove herself as a great brood mare.  Red chocolate with no red gene, she has given us gorgeous champion conformation horses. Crush will be her last foal.

Misty May

 2005 UMH World Champion 3 yo Park

2008 UMH World Champion 4 and older Mares Conformation

2008 UMH Reserve World Grand Champion 2+ Open Conformation

2008 UMH World Champion Open Ladies Classic

2008 UMH High Point Ladies Classic

2009 UMH 4 and older Conformation High Point

Dam to: eMDee's In Your Dreams, 2010 filly
eMDee's Hello Darlin', 2011 filly
eMDee's Ain't She Sweet, 2013 filly

Misty May, one of the sweetest mares ever, is big and beautiful with a step as big as her heart.  A wonderful Momma, she has easily proven herself as a brood mare with her first three foals. She teaches her foals to love people.  She and her foal come running with a big and a little whinny just for a kiss on the nose.


Legendary Lady (Lady)

2006 RMHA Sam Tuttle Award

2007 UMH Amateur Western Champion

2007 RMHA Sam Tuttle Award     2007 RMHA Charles Kilburn Award

2007 RMHA International Trail Pleasure Grand Champion

2007 RMHA International Amateur Owned and Trained Trail Pleasure Grand Champion

2008 UMH Reserve World Champion Amateur Western

2008 UMH World Champion Amateur Trail Obstacle

2008 RMHA International Western Reserve Grand Champion

2009 3 Phase Event Beginner Novice Level Adult Champion

2009 3 Phase Event Novice Level Adult Reserve Champion

2009 AGMH 3 Phase Event High Point Horse

2009 UMH Reserve Country Trail World Grand Champion

2009 UMH Reserve Western World Grand Champion

2010 RMHA International Amateur Trail Pleasure Grand Champion

2010 RMHA International Western Grand Champion

2012 RMHA International Amateur Owned and Trained Country Trail Pleasure Grand Champion
2012 RMHA Charles Kilburn Award Winner   2012 RMHA Morgan Riggs Award Winner

Dam to:  eMDee’s Black Gold, 2004 colt

eMDee's Legendary Venture, 2007 filly

eMDee's Legendary Fury, 2008 colt

LADY is LEGENDARY!  She has won an RMHA Grand Championship in every division she has ever competed in.  The ONLY Mountain Horse to have ever achieved this! 
She has certainly lived up to her name.

  She is a "once in a lifetime" horse and she is everything a mountain horse is said to be!!!!!

See details of Lady's story on our "Bragging" page


Click to see

Lady's 2007 RMHA

Trail Grand Championship Victory Pass

Fair Silk (Silky)

1998 International Grand Champion Under Saddle

Dam to:  FairWinds Silk Warning, 2000 filly

    Fair Blue Silk, 2002 filly    Moses T Silk, 2003 gelding

Winsome Silk, 2004 filly      Smooth as Silk, 2005 filly

 eMDee's Silk Sensation, 2006 filly

eMDee's Silk Flashback, 2008 gelding

I didn't get to see Silky show, but I have been told "she brought tears to your eyes".  Red chocolate, she is now a fantastic brood mare with a Sam Tuttle winner and conformation World Grand Champions among her off-spring.  We took Silky back to the ring in 2012 for the RMHA International 25th Anniversary Parade of Champions. She was as regal as ever  and ready to go. Not too shabby for "an old broodmare".

Dolene Marcum (Dolly)

Dam to: eMDee's Pre-fon-taine, 2009 gelding

We went looking for a way to add new color to our herd and found Dolly.  She has 2 creme genes, a silver gene, and a bay gene.  We definitely got the color possibilities!  She is one of the last grade mares registered by the RMHA and she is from very old MPHA bloodlines.  Maple's Squirrel, Choco, Moon and Denniston's Champ can be found on her pedigree.  Dolly is calm and comes eagerly in the field for attention. Her first foal by Fury is gorgeous, sweet, and always eager to go for a trail ride.


LS Stop the Music (Music)

Dam to:  VBF Motown Motion (2003, colt)

VBF Stack the Deck (2004, colt)  VBF Bluegrass Music (2005, colt)
VBF Music in Motion (2006, filly)  VBF Camicia (2007, filly)

Ace of Diamonds (2008, filly)

eMDee's I Hope You Dance (2012, filly)
eMDee's Flash Dancer

Music is "a horse of a different color". She is a Double silver smoky black, sometimes called bronze. She is very friendly, easy to catch, and gaits in the field. She has always been bred to black  or bay stallions for a beautiful chocolate or cream chocolate baby every time. We can hardly wait to see her foal.


Dam to:  Flashy Feature (1997, colt)   MidSummer's Night (1998, filly)

New Addtion (1999, filly)  Legendary Lady (2000, filly)

SRF's Political Attack (2002, colt)  SRF's Santana (2004, colt)

Pacific Holiday (2005, colt)  Silver Sienna (2007, filly)

Holiday's Silver Son (2008, colt)  Silver Holiday (2009, colt)

Silver's Promise (2010, filly)

Holiday came home to live with her famous daughter, Legendary Lady.  She is our first sorrel.  She has produced black, sorrel,  and silver offspring.

eMDee's Sugar and Spice (Spice)


2006 UMH Breeders Cup Champion Weanling Fillies 

2007 UMH High Point Yearling Filly 

2007 UMH World Champion Yearling Fillies 

2008 UMH Breeders' Cup Champion Open Trail/Conformation 

2008 UMH Reserve World Champion 2-3 yo Mares Conformation 

2008 UMH World Champion Open Am/NonPro 2+ Conformation 

2008 KMSHA Int'l Champion 2 & 3 yo Mares Conformation 

2008 KMSHA Int'l Champion Open 2 & 3 yo Conformation 

2008 KMSHA Int'l Jr. Robinson Memorial Award 

2009 UMH Reserve World Grand Champion 2 and older Conformation

2009 UMH World Champion Am/Non Pro 2 and Older Conformation

Due to Venture's Black Fury, 2015

Spice is a red chocolate maiden mare, out of our mare Candy (above).

Spice is beautiful, sweet, and will be a great cross with either Flash or Fury.

  This will be a hard choice.

Fisher's Princess (Princess)

DAM to: Komtesse Roe 1997, filly   Sam's Easy Rider 1998, colt
Too Good To Be True 1999, colt     Miss Bonnie SPF 2000, filly

MGF's Phoenix 2002, colt
eMDee's Sleeping Beauty 2012, filly


Princess is a wonderful, chocolate daughter of Blue Mountain Rumbo. We hope to carry on that line, crossing her with Fury resulted in a beautiful daughter.


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