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Fairwinds Hurricane Warning


2005 Charles Kilburn Award

Michael's Main Ride



There aren't a lot of Rocky Mountain Horses in Illinois, so our Rockies have helped to introduce many people to the breed.

Some of the horses on this page are our favorite riding horses. We enjoy trail riding here at home on a regular basis and getting our grandchildren up on the horses with us more each year.

often ask "What color is that horse?" and " What kind of horses are those?" We get emails and phone calls from people who want to see what this breed is about and come by just to see them under saddle and in the pastures. If you live nearby and would like to meet a mountain horse, contact us for a farm visit. You won't be disappointed. The whole herd will come to the fence for petting and attention. Rockies are very people oriented.

They seem to especially love children and are very careful with them around. No holiday family dinner at our house is complete without a trip outside for the nieces and nephews to pet their friends. 

We also look forward to heading to the Illinois Horse Fair each spring to meet other Rocky Mountain Horse lovers and to spread the word about Rocky Mountain Horses. Look us up if you visit there in March.

Virginia Dare (Ginger)

Our First Mountain Horse

Our air fern  LOL
Would rather gait than walk

and smooth, smooth, smooth!


Fairwinds Daddy's Warning (Babe)

2004 UMH High Point Weanling Filly

First horse I ever started under saddle and Addison's first "by myself" horse


I have to get a picture of Buddy...
he is beautiful, but a pasture pet as he has never been put under saddle.


picture pending

eMDee's Black Gold (Buddy)

Buddy had EPM as a young horse.

He helps to babysit our young horses.



eMDee's Legendary Fury (Junior)

2008 Gelding

Legendary Lady


Venture's Black Fury

Under saddle 90 days

RMHA eligible



Horses we have that are for sale can be seen here or on the In Kentucky page. They are by our stallion, Venture's Black Fury. They gait in the field at freedom at only a few hours of age and they all gait under saddle from even the first few steps. Fury's offspring haven proven to be beautiful, friendly, people oriented, and willing. Among these horses you will see some of the best conformation traits in the Mountain Horse breeds. Excellent conformation is important to the long term health and performance of a horse.

If you are looking for a stallion, check out Fury on Our Stallion page and contact Stacie Tipton, our trainer and breeding manager, at Cool Shade Mountain Horses if you have any breeding questions. If you are looking for a horse to become your lifelong friend, you may find just what you are looking for here.

Check out our Past Sales page to see comments from others who have found their horses with us.

Contact us by email for further information or for other pictures of our horses for sale.

eMDee's Prefontaine (Pre)

2009 Gelding

Dolene Marcum


Venture's Black Fury

Shown lightly and trail ridden






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