Fury is a homozygous black stallion.
He is out of Calypso Magic (a Barlow Chief mare) by Chocolate Venture (a Dock son).

Fury’s “smooth as glass” gait, "gone like the wind” speed, and "Clark Gable" good looks

make him as much fun to watch as he is to ride.
Gaiting since his very first day under saddle,

he is what every one says this breed is.................a dream come true.


Check out this youTube video of Fury "s Extreme Cowboy Race tryout
Trainer Chris Tipton of Cool Shade Mountain Horses.

Check out this youTube video of Fury's smooth 4 beat gait.


Fury's show career began in 2006.
His 3 yr old show season, with trainer Derick Tipton and Judy, was phenomenal.
Whether ridden by a professional or an amateur, he proved himself as a consistent competitor on the rail.
Derick said of Fury "the strongest gaited horse that I have ever ridden".
Trainer HT Derickson worked with Fury in 2007.
  He noticed something about Fury that you can only recognize by meeting him "in person".
  HT noted "Fury is the smartest horse I have ever ridden" and HT has ridden a few horses over the years.

Since 2008, Fury has been handled and ridden by Chris and Stacie Tipton. 

He has become an example of the versatility of the Mountain Horse.

Whether competing on the rail, in trail obstacle, in Extreme Cowboy races, in in-gait pole bending, or participating in breed demonstrations at Equine Affaires or State Horse Fairs,   

Fury is a blast to ride and easy to handle... and always, just what a mountain horse is supposed to be.

Show Achievements

   2006 3 yo UMH Classic Pleasure World Grand Championship

 2006 3yo UMH Stallions/Geldings Classic Pleasure HIgh Point Award

 2006 3yo UMH Amateur Classic Pleasure High Point Award 

2006 Reserve UMH 2-3 yo Open Conformation High Point Award

2006 RMHA International 3 yo Stallions/Geldings Show Pleasure Champion

2008 3 Phase Event Reserve Champion Novice Horse

2008 UMH World Champion Trail Obstacle Senior Horse

2008 UMH Barb's Stormy Knight Versatility Reserve Champion

2008 RMHA International 5 yr old Trail Pleasure Stallions Champion

2008 RMHA International In Gait Pole Bending Champion

2008 KMSHA International In Gait Pole Bending Champion

2008 RMHA International Rea Swan Versatility Award Winner

2009 UMH/AGMH World Champion Trail Pleasure

2009 UMH World Champion Non Pro Trail Pleasure

2009 KMSHA International Champion 5 and older Stallions

2009 KMSHA Futurity $1000 Stakes Co Trail/Trail Pleasure Champion

2009 UMH Non Pro Trail Pleasure High Point
2009 UMH Ladies Trail Pleasure High Point
2009 UMH/AGMH Breeders' Cup Sire and Get Champion

2010 UMH/AGMH Breeders' Cup Sire and Get Champion

2011 UMH/AGMH Breeders' Cup Sire and Get Champion

2011 UMH World Champion 4 and Older Stallions Conformation

2012 RMHA International Master (9+ yo) Stallions Conformation

2013 RMHA International Master Stallions Conformation
2013 RMHA International Master Stallions Country Trail Pleasure Champion
2013 RMHA International Master Stallions Trail Pleasure Champion

2013 Carson Masters Master Stallion Award Winner

Fury's first foals were born in 2007 and they have proved that Fury will pass on his conformation, gait, and intelligence.  Fury has thrown an equal number of colts and fillies.  His foals have proved him to produce color, most are the color of their dam.  Fury has no red gene, so can not produce palomino, cremello, sorrel, or champagne horses.  He has mostly chocolate or red chocolate offspring, with a few blacks and bays.  They are all beautiful, smart, and willing.  They gait in the field and are proving to be wonderful partners under saddle, whether on the trail or in the show ring.

Click on Fury's baby picture to see some of his off-spring. 

(If you own one of Fury's sons or daughters, we would love to see a picture.

  Email a picture with the dam's information and I will add it to our album.)

Fury was a UMH Breeders' Cup Sire and Get Winner for three years in a row.
Fury is the sire of the 2012 and 2013 RMHA International 3 and older Conformation Grand Champion.
One of Fury's daughters won the
KMSHA Intn'l Junior Robinson Memorial Award at the age of 3.
They say a stallion is proven by his get...what a proud papa Fury is!!!

Fury stands for breeding with Cool Shade Mountain Horses in Stanton, KY.

Field breeding, hand breeding, shipped semen, or artificial insemination is available.

Fury has offspring all over the world, including in Australia and Korea.

If you want an exceptional foal out of your favorite mare, consider him.

Please contact us or Chris Tipton for further information.



Breedings handled by Cool  Shade Mountain Horses

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Fury's blood lines can be traced back to Tobe 12 times in his pedigree.

He is a sixth generation descendant of Tobe and his breeding is 30% Tobe.

to see photos of Fury's dam and sire


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