At eMDee Mountain Horses, every year, we eagerly anticipate the births of our new foals.

Each foal's bloodlines reflect careful consideration of the dam's and sire's temperament, conformation and abilities.

  Our breeding's are planned to preserve the most desired characteristics of mountain horses.

  No two horses are alike, but they share the beauty, willingness, and intelligence of their ancestors.

Mountain horse breeders have focused for years on developing a companion horse.  Bred for strength, willingness, gentleness and versatility, over the years, the beauty of the horse emerged as a valued inheritable trait.  Some breeders liked a faster or slower horse, a horse with more or less animation, a horse with certain markings...so they began to breed for those traits.  We breed to maintain the companion horse traits, but appreciate the wide variation in athletic abilities of the horses who have emerged from those simple beginnings. Although our lifestyle may be very different from that of the breeders of years gone by, our horses are bred, just as theirs were, for strength, willingness, gentleness, and versatility.

We only breed a few mares each year, but we maintain a small herd of elite mountain horse brood mares. Our mares are kept together throughout their pregnancies and until foals are weaned to establish strong herd relationships. The mares are allowed to foal at pasture, unless the weather is too severe for the newborn foal's safety.  Foals are handled within hours of their birth and daily until weaning. Their natural curiosity is encouraged, but they are taught respect by their mothers and by us. 

(Gently by us and sometimes not so gently by their mothers.)
  Check frequently here each spring to join us in our annual foal watch.

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eMDee's Ain't She Sweet

Misty May

eMDee's Silk Flashback


Venture's Black Fury is the grandsire of this foal. She is by his son, Flash.
Fury's offspring have proven his ability to pass on conformation, intelligence, gait, temperament, and athleticism. His sons and daughters have gone on to become a Conformation International and World Grand Champion, a Junior Robinson Award winner, and champions in Competitive Trail and Endurance events. Rocky enthusiasts are enjoying his offspring in many places across the US, in Canada, Korea, and Australia. We hear from happy owners and that makes us happy, too.


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Send us a picture of your Fury baby and we will post it, too!
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